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Greetings! :) Welcome to my journal. First things first...

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Call me Pooky. Or Pookie, it matters not how you choose to spell it.I'm a busker from Wellington, New Zealand. I've lived in

hang on, hang on


What the yellow rubbery fuck is a busker??

Ah, right...a busker is someone who busks

Don't be a smartarse

OK....busking is performance of some kind, usually musical, sometimes theatre, comedy etc done in public places. In my case, I play Irish and Native American flutes, and for my troubles I get large quantities of verbal abuse and occasionally little bits of loose change from the passers by.

A good way to get by?

Sometimes, there's good nights and bad nights. I could get $50 or 50 cents per hour, it's a very unpredictable job


Yes, job. I'm doing something I'm good at, and I'm adding to the aesthetics of Cuba Mall with my flute. I'm a skilled musician, whether you like what I do or not. I play in all weathers, starving, freezing...and the bit that really makes it work rather than fun is those nights when I get insulted, patronised and abused by ignorant pissed rugbyheads. It's my job, OK?

hmmmph...can't say I'd want my daughter marrying a busker

Hmmmph...fuck you

No call to be like that. Anyway, do you do anything besides busking?

Well...I'm slowly working on an album of flute based electronic music, I've done the odd bit of stand-up comedy, and I'm also
working as a part time recreational pharmaceutical sales executive

recreational pharm...what...you're a drug dealer???

Oh, for God's sake, I'm joking!

Well, I don't think I care much for your sense of humour. I'll be off now.

See ya then. Don't get run over or anything, will you?


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