Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer (lordlucan) wrote,
Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer

Cleveland St 2am

The first arty thing I've done with my new camera. I really like monochrome/duotone stuff.

Cleveland St is the main street in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn. As the title suggests, the photo was taken at about 2am while I was walking home. After being GIMP'd to buggeration, it stopped being a photo, really...

I think it looks far more 2am-ish now than the original photo did.
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woah that looks pretty wicked Pop ^_^
Thanks kindly! :)


September 28 2015, 14:21:01 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  September 28 2015, 14:21:31 UTC

Happy Birthday, Pooky!