Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer (lordlucan) wrote,
Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer

Reading Bits Of Books What I Like - 1

I have more stuff on YouTube. It's here if you fancy taking a butcher's.

It's highly likely that I'll end up linking video blog stuff here in future.
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Yay! Pooky!

Your excuse is much better than mine as to why I'm deathly awful at keeping up with my LJ.
No, I'm not going to share it, it's more embarrassing than yours.
Though I have to say, being obsessed with a game you suck at is something I'm very familiar with. I'm pants at Age of Mythology (Empires, Kings, etc.) and yet I still love to sit and spend hours of my life playing it. You may be embarrassed, but I completely understand.

Loved the reading, btw! Hilarious!
I've thought of doing the same sort of thing (just a voice post, not a video) with some of Kidzilla favorites because of how much I love to read aloud. I still have some of the books she loved as a wee one memorized, lol...
You should, you should! It's absolutely buckets of fun! :)