Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer (lordlucan) wrote,
Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer

Auckland 2

Chloe took the above photo using my cellphone. I like it. It makes me look like an evil priest.

A rather intoxicated Simon


Simon and Chloe

Moose on the left, with her gentleman, Skunk


Maya - an absolute sweetheart!

I get a cuddle!


Lovely people, all of them! I'm having a smashing time, I really am! And I have been doing flutey stuff on Simon's project, for which I'm expecting to be a little bit paid. I might stay here again tomorrow night, just because of the weather. It's looking dodgy. But I will get to the Cape, even if I have to sodding well walk there!

possumlou informs me that there was a rather lovely thunderstorm in Wellington today. Bloody typical! Decent storms only ever happen in parts of the country I don't happen to be in at the time.

Arright, toodles then.
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