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Misspelt Yuth
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Date:2010-04-14 20:23
Subject:Cleveland St 2am

The first arty thing I've done with my new camera. I really like monochrome/duotone stuff.

Cleveland St is the main street in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn. As the title suggests, the photo was taken at about 2am while I was walking home. After being GIMP'd to buggeration, it stopped being a photo, really...

I think it looks far more 2am-ish now than the original photo did.

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Date:2010-04-14 20:14
Subject:No Bird Can Fly...

The source material was a bloody awful photo of Waikanae during a storm that I found on my old camera today.
The title comes from the song "Tupelo" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

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Date:2009-12-19 21:03
Subject:Mucking about with GIMP stuff

My sexy new camera (which I don't have yet) will have a sepia mode. I don't think I'll use it - I really like what I can do with the GIMP.

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Date:2009-12-16 20:51
Subject:Tramping trip - December 1-3 2009

With my good mates Brendan and Master Nicholas, I went on a tramping trip. We stayed a couple of nights in the Sandy Bay hut, on the shore of Lake Waikareiti in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand.

Here's a shot of Lake Waikaremoana disappearing into the mist, taken before we arrived at the start of the trail.

24 more photos follow. If you're in my faecebook contacts, it's the same album, but the pictures are bigger because Photobucket doesn't suck like faecebook does.Collapse )

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Date:2009-09-05 14:42
Subject:AMELIA!!! :)))

Amelia Caitlyn McDermott, age 1 week.Collapse )

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Date:2009-08-19 19:07
Subject:Ladies and gentlemen...

If you have a drink handy, please raise your glass and join me in welcoming my niece, Amelia Caitlyn McDermott, to the human raise.

If you do not have a drink handy, fuck off and get one. THEN please raise your glass and join me in welcoming my niece, Amelia Caitlyn McDermott, to the human race.

I'll try to get some photos sorted in the next week.

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Date:2009-06-19 16:02
Subject:Epic fail!

Here, my darlings, is a tale of fail so epic I can't possibly not share it!

OK, so, on Tuesday I made my first ever online visa order that wasn't a pizza. My old landline phone, which must have been fifteen to twenty years old, crapped out on me, so I ordered a new one from Dick Smith. It arrived yesterday, but I only had time to take it out of the box before I had to rush out again.

I went out and did some stuff involving, among other things, my first ever attempt at karaoke, something I swore I'd never do. The first song I sang was the Scotsman song, which wasn't on the list so I had to sing it without any backing music. Went down well, got a nice big cheer. I also got a fairly good response for my rendition of the King Herod Song from Jesus Christ Superstar. I tried to model my version on that of Rik Mayall. Buckets of fun, really it was!

Anyway, back to the phone. So, I got home rather tiddly and tried to set my sexy new phone up, and ran into trouble immediately - the power supply just would not fit into the phone base. I tried forcing it, but it was clearly the wrong size. Then I did something really fucking dumb - maybe the metal ring thingie on the plug is supposed to come off, thinks I, so I tried to take it off. With my teeth. While it was plugged in. The pain when my tongue touched it told me in no uncertain terms that this was a Really Really Bad Idea. By rights I should have Darwin'd myself out of the gene pool right then and there!

It was abundantly clear that the power supply was definitely the wrong one, so today I took it to Dick Smith and they replaced it for me. Got it home, the new one works grand, and all is well with the world.

About ten minutes ago, I was putting the cardboard box into my recycling bin and guess what fell out of it! Oh yes indeed, my sweethearts, it was the proper power supply for the phone. Oops.

One of two things happened here.

1: Somehow the box contained two power supplies, one ancient which I tried to use, plus the proper one which I didn't spot. That's what I'm hoping happened, because it makes me look less of a dickhead, but it's very unlikely.

2: This is far more likely - when my new phone arrived, I took all (OK, almost all) the bits and pieces out of the box and threw my old phone out immediately, except for the power supply which I missed. I got home drunk, saw all the bits and pieces on my floor, failed to notice that I was trying to use the old power supply, assumed that Dick Smith, and not I, had fucked up. My old phone must also have been a Uniden, but being fifteen to twenty years old, all brand identification was well and truly gone, hence my total failure to even think this was a possibility. And I couldn't check, because it had already been thrown out. And I don't mean into my bin where it could be retrieved, I mean GONE.

I have called Dick Smith, told them what the story is, they thanked me for my honesty, and I'll be taking the extra power supply back when I go into town this evening.

And that, my delights, is muppetry of which only a Pooky is capable.

Love yez all! :)

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Date:2009-06-15 19:59
Subject:A little prose poem

Immediately before the beginning, the Devil approached the throne of the Lord, and said unto him, "hey man, fancy a game of chess?" And the Lord replied unto the Devil, "Chess? Fuck that! I've thought of a much better game. Let there be light!"

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Date:2009-02-25 03:45
Subject:Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. That means I get to make my hilarious joke about how I'm giving up celibacy for Lent.


Laugh, you bastards, laugh!

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Date:2008-11-09 00:53

John Key will be the new Prime Minister of New Zealand.  His National Party ended up winning 59 seats in Parliament, almost enough to govern alone.

Labour, under Helen Clark, got 43 seats.  Miss Clark conceded to Mr Key around 11:30pm, and at the same time announced she will be stepping down as Labour leader.

It is the end of an era, and no mistake.

I liked having Helen Clark as PM.

Still, on the bright side (for me, anyway) the Green Party got an extra two seats.

Also, Winston Peters' political career seems to be over. I remember him from the early 1990s. He was rather interesting back then, but in recent years he's just been a bit of a cunt.

Funniest thing about this election - the Family Party, which is the closest the Destiny Church has to a political wing at the moment, got less votes than the Bill & Ben Party. Anyone remember when Destiny Bishop Brian Tamaki gave his "prophetic utterance" coming from none other than God Himself that Destiny would be in control of New Zealand within five years? How long ago was that? Oh yeah, five years ago!

I love it when the clowns outdo the theocrats!

So, there it is. John Key will be our next Prime Minister.

Oh well.  Roll on 2011, I guess.

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Date:2008-11-07 20:33
Subject:Dear New Zealand

Make sure you vote tomorrow.

Love and cuddles,


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Date:2008-11-04 21:31
Subject:Dear United States Of America

Good luck.

Love and cuddles,


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Date:2008-08-22 08:47
Subject:Evolution: A Lie?

Some people say evolution is a lie. I think they're going a little overboard.

The music in this video is by David Schombert, from his album "Quiet Life vol.1" which, along with three of his other albums can be downloaded from www.jamendo.com free of charge (unless you care to make a donation). It's released under a Creative Commons license, so no problem using it in my video.

I strongly recommend "The Gate Of Silence". It's one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard in my life. In fact, grab it here. Seriously, it's just gorgeous. Play it when you're going to sleep or something.

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Date:2008-05-08 19:32
Subject:Shoutouts, Naked Vlogs, and Manuel Göttsching

The music is kinda faint in this one...

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Date:2008-04-04 05:18
Subject:A Story For Kory

A story from the days of my youth. Kory is one of my YouTube friends. She's hilarious! You can check her stuff out here and the double act she does with her friend Emily here

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Date:2008-03-25 00:37
Subject:Creationists vs the 9th Commandment

If those at the forefront of the Creationist movement really believe in God, how do they justify behaving the way they do?

Link 1: The CNN article from which I quote

Link 2: PZ Myers breaks the hilarious news

Here's PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins discussing the "Expelled" screening.

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Date:2008-03-16 20:30
Subject:Reading Bits Of Books What I Like - 2

Hmm...I don't think I really have the accent for this one. But what the hell, it's very cool. It would just be rather cooler if I could sound like an aging, whisky soaked London theatre critic.

Extract from "The Hippopotamus" by Stephen Fry.

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Date:2008-03-12 02:04
Subject:Reading Bits Of Books What I Like - 1

I have more stuff on YouTube. It's here if you fancy taking a butcher's.

It's highly likely that I'll end up linking video blog stuff here in future.

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Date:2007-10-09 19:04

I think I'm going to move to Auckland for a while. Got some really good opportunities up this way. While I've been here I've done some work on a promotional video for MOTAT for which I've been decently paid (well, paid well as a session musician, hopefully there'll be some composition royalties or something to come, seeing as how I came up with some seriously good melodies here) and there's talk of a paid gig at the video launch. And to think I was only planning on crashing here for one night!

Not only that, but the busking here is really good! During the day, anyway. It's been shit at night. Although, now I come to think of it, that was the night the All Blacks got prison-showered in the Rugby World Cup...

All I need to do is find an affordable one bedroom flat or bedsit within half an hour's walk from Queen St and I'm grand!


It's time for a change of scenery.

Now, I'd like you to meet Cantilena. She's Simon's other flatmate, but she hasn't featured in any photos yet because she was away until yesterday.

I get another cuddle! Woohooo!

Isn't she lovely?

Goodnight! :)

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Date:2007-10-08 00:12
Subject:Auckland 2

Chloe took the above photo using my cellphone. I like it. It makes me look like an evil priest.

And now here's eight more photos of the delightful people I've been hanging out with here.Collapse )

Lovely people, all of them! I'm having a smashing time, I really am! And I have been doing flutey stuff on Simon's project, for which I'm expecting to be a little bit paid. I might stay here again tomorrow night, just because of the weather. It's looking dodgy. But I will get to the Cape, even if I have to sodding well walk there!

possumlou informs me that there was a rather lovely thunderstorm in Wellington today. Bloody typical! Decent storms only ever happen in parts of the country I don't happen to be in at the time.

Arright, toodles then.

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